The lessons have reinforced the understanding…

The lessons have reinforced the understanding of his Science concepts and refined his answering techniques. He enjoys Mr Allan’s lessons and looks forward to going for his weekly classes.

Mdm Maisarah
Parent ofGhazie Bin Nurhisham
December 2019

My boy truly enjoyed…

My boy truly enjoyed and was always looking forward to attend Mr Allan’s class every week. Both Mdm Tan and Mr Allan are encouraging and making effort to improve his answering techniques for booklet B. Greatly appreciate and thank you very much.

Mdm Siah Koon Gek
Parent ofJasper Heng
December 2019

Yu Wen feels that the classes have truly helped…

Yu Wen feels that the classes have truly helped her to improve her science studies and she scored A in the recent semester assessment; the lessons are very fun too, so we highly recommend Tinker Lab!

Mdm Ya Hui Xia
Parent ofFoo Yu Wen
Holy Innocents' (Pri)
December 2019

Teacher Allan is a great wonderful and knowledgable teacher…

Teacher Allan is a great wonderful and knowledgable teacher. He always tells students to write the key points so to reinforce the key concepts in science . My kid enjosy the classe.

Mr Samuel Sng Han Heng
Parent ofWarren Sng Jing Sheng
December 2019

Mdm Tan is very patient and experienced…

Mdm Tan is very patient and experienced. The lessons were fun and enjoyable. Sin Tian was taught the proper way of answering open ended questions. There are also opportunities to practise multiple choice questions online. Sin Tian has gained a lot after attending Mdm Tan lessons. She scored A* in this year’s PSLE for her science. Thank you very much !😀

Ms Li Chunli
Parent ofChoong Sin Tian
December 2019

The lessons helped me thoroughly understand…

The lessons helped me thoroughly understand many of the primary school syllabus science concepts, which has aided me in my secondary school studies. Mdm Tan and Mr Allan tend to teach in legitimately fun and interesting ways that really get the concepts into your head. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years of primary school science tuition here.

Precious (Student)
Parent ofN/A
December 2019

My son enjoys Mr Allan’s classes very much…

My son enjoys Mr Allan’s classes very much as he’s very humorous. He can understand science concepts better through experiments and detailed explanations.

Ms Lynette
Parent ofIan
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian
December 2019

Tinkerlab was being highly recommended…

Tinkerlab was being highly recommended to me by a friend. Science is never an easy subject due to answers have to be answered “scientifically” and not the English comprehension way. Being in Tinkerlab for 2 years, it has been proven that Tinkerlab has not disappointed me at all with Zach scoring A*s consistently for his P3 SA2, P4 SA1 and SA2! He understands how to answer the questions the science way and has definitely proven that this choice was mine was never wrong! Keep up the great work Tinkerlab and would highly recommend here if your child needs science tuition…

Mdm Serene Teo
Parent ofZach Koh
December 2019

Tinker Lab is capable to help…

Tinker Lab is capable to help kids in their learning effectively using materials and keeping the class/students engaged. Salute to them! Keep up the good works – Allan and Mdm Tan

Mdm Lee
Parent ofWesley
Holy Innocents' (Pri)
December 2019

Mr Allan is very flexible…

Mr Allan is very flexible as we can arrange replacement class easily. He also conduct his lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Mdm Wendy
Parent ofKaleigh
CHIJ (Toa Payoh)
December 2019