Excellent Science tuition experience

Leonard has been with Tinkerlab from P3 to P6. Unlike his other subjects, I have never thought of switching him to another tuition centre for his Science subject as I felt very assured as a parent when I see that my child is learning well and enjoys attending lessons at the centre.

Mdm Tang
Parent ofLeonard
Holy Innocents’ Primary
December 2020

Mr Allan’s lessons are fun

Mr Allan’s lessons are fun and engaging. My gal looks forward to all his lesson and she got a distinction for Science.

Parent ofKaleigh
December 2020

Dedicated teachers who went the

Dedicated teachers who went the extra mile. Mdm Tan make the effort to understand my girls’ strengths & weaknesses. Clear explanations and comprehensive notes serves well to prep for PSLE.

Parent ofNatalie
December 2020

Effective Engaging Energising

My 3 sons were with Tinkerlab and have all scored As in Science for their PSLE
Thanks to Mr Allan and Mdm Tan’s engaging and effective teaching methods
I have seen the 3 of them struggled with the subject and especially with higher primary science syllabus (esp section B of the paper!)
But the lessons were clear and so engaging that they not only improved but looked forward to the classes
I find the notes exceptionally useful especially for last mile revisions
Thank you

Parent ofMaximus chang
Maris stella high primary
December 2020

Mr Allan is a fun,

Mr Allan is a fun, engaging and humorous teacher. He’s always eager to share his knowledge and is able to clarify all doubts. During this pandemic, he even made an effort to mark online and conduct additional zoom sessions to ensure that all his pupils were ready for the National exams. Thank you!

Parent ofKaelyn
Kong Hwa
December 2020

Mdm Tan’s lessons are always filled with fun

Mdm Tan’s lesson are always filled with fun. Although the lessons are tiring, I still improve because of Tinkerlab. From a low B to a high B in just a few months. I highly recommend Tinkerlab. Thank You Tinkerlab!!

Parent ofJia Xuan
Sengkang Green Primary School
May 2020

Mdm Tan has been very patient…

Mdm Tan has been very patient and firm with my restless boy and made learning more interesting for him. She managed to bring out the potential in my son and he has done consistently well for his SA exams. Thank you Mdm Tan for your perseverance and patience teaching my son!

Mdm Elaine
Parent ofEthan
December 2019

Science concepts made easy

Lucas joined Tinkerlab at the end of Primary 4 and within weeks, showed clearer understanding of his Science concepts. Under Mdm Tan’s patient tutelage, Lucas kept abreast of his Science work for his Primary 5 and 6 years and successfully obtained an A* for his PSLE. Thank you Mdm Tan and Tinkerlab!

Boh Sang Chin
Parent ofLucas Boh
Nanyang Primary School
December 2019

Both Mr Allan and Mdm Tan…

Both Mr Allan and Mdm Tan have made Sandana improve in her science and I am very thankful for that.

Mr Rai
Parent ofSandana
December 2019

Both Mdm Tan & Mr. Allan are good and patient Teachers…

Both Mdm Tan & Mr. Allan are good and patient Teachers.

Mr Allan is good in making the 2hrs of lessons interesting and with some experiments to enhance the understanding. The explanation is concise and easy to understand. My son gained confidence and interest in the subject under teacher Allan’s coaching. He is passionate in teaching and he also replies us via whatsapps whenever we have queries! Really appreciate it 👍

Ms Cheryl Lee
Parent ofIsaac Sim
Mee Toh
December 2019