Science is a challenging subject…

Science is a challenging subject. However, Mr Allan is able to make the lessons fun and alive with his experiments and humorous explanation such that learning is internalised. Mr Allan’s quick response and clear explanation to queries we have on external exam papers are very helpful especially on days leading up to the examinations. Thank you Tinkerlab!

Ms Thia Ai Lin
Parent ofTan Yi Xuan
Hougang Primary School
December 2019

Mdm Tan is very clear in her explanations…

Mdm Tan is very clear in her explanations of Science concepts. The answering techniques she teaches for OEQ helps my daughter to structure her answers well. Worksheets provided by Tinkerlab are very comprehensive and makes revision easy and effective. Very grateful to Mdm Tan for her patience in explaining questions which my daughter encounters when practising the top sch papers. My daughter attended Mr Allan’s class in mid primary. Mr Allan makes learning Science fun and he certainly helped my daughter develop her interest and confidence in the subject.

Mdm Ong
Parent ofNatalie
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' (Pri)
December 2019

My daughter has a poor understanding…

My daughter has a poor understanding of Science before tuition. Through words of mouth, we signed her up with Tinker Lab. With engaging hands-on practices and inspiring teachers, her like for Science improved, and it showed in her recent exam where she got A! I would say Allan’s teaching method works! Highly recommended!

Mr Calvin Foo
Parent ofFoo Yu Wen
Holy Innocents' (Pri)
December 2019

From getting just pass results in science to an A…

From getting just pass results in science to an A eventually in PSLE, we thanked Teacher Allan in helping her improve her understanding of the topics and also in her answering techniques. He is easily approachable and always encouraging. Thank you again to Teacher Allan.

Mdm Cindy
Parent ofKimi
Ai Tong
December 2019

Xavier has achieved grade B…

Xavier has achieved grade B after attending this Science tuition class. Mr Allan has given plenty of revision notes and explains questions thoroughly with live demonstrations, videos, experiments and online MCQs. After each examination, my son will always pass his exam papers to Mr Allan and he will photocopy it and write down the explanation of each wrong question and it’s very useful for study. Highly Recommended this tuition. Thank You Mr Allan.

Ms Sandy Lee
Parent ofXavier Quek
Hong Wen
December 2019

Ryan enjoys his lessons…

Ryan enjoys his lessons and he is more confident in handling process questions. He is motivated and attempts challenging questions since he joins Tinkerlab. Thank you, Mr Allan.

Mdm Jane
Parent ofRyan
Maris Stella High (Pri)
December 2019

Doing well in science is not about knowing…

Doing well in science is not about knowing the concepts, but also about answering correctly to demonstrate understanding. Tinker Lab provides very good coaching and now my daughter can formulate correct answers.

Mr Lee Ee Mian
Parent ofNatalie Lee
St Nicholas'
December 2019

Mr Wan has a great sense of humour…

Mr Wan has a great sense of humour and his lessons are always fun and interesting. He covers each topic in details with hands on, experiments and discussions. Ryan is very inspired by Mr Wan’s wide knowledge and passion in Science. Ryan enjoys his lesson very much, his teaching style has been very effective for Ryan, who looks forward to his lesson every week. Thank you Mr Wan!

Ms Camille
Parent ofRyan
North Vista Primary School
December 2019

Even though some of the lessons…

Even though some of the lessons can be very strenuous, I feel that these lessons really help me in understanding the concepts of the primary 4 & 5 school syllabus. Mdm Tan has also taught me in a very fun way and sometimes, she would bring a real-life model of an experiment for us to learn more! 🙂

Praise (Student)
Parent ofN/A
December 2019

The lessons have reinforced the understanding…

The lessons have reinforced the understanding of his Science concepts and refined his answering techniques. He enjoys Mr Allan’s lessons and looks forward to going for his weekly classes.

Mdm Maisarah
Parent ofGhazie Bin Nurhisham
Temasek Primary School
December 2019