Fun science lessons coupled with experiments!

Teacher Allan is funny and makes the lesson interesting. The experiments conducted during lessons helped my daughter understand the concepts taught well. She looks forward to her classes all the time.

James Koh
Parent ofTrillian Koh
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School
January 2022

Committed teachers

What more can I ask for after you guys had helped Zach achieved the results which he had always wanted throughout these years? Thank you so much for all the commitment and efforts made to make sure every kid scored great results especially their PSLE! Proud to be in this equation! A gem indeed…No regrets but only assurance that I had made the right and best decision… Thank you Tinkerlab!

Serene Teo
Parent ofZach Koh
Nanyang Primary School
December 2021

Thank you Mr Allan and Mdm Tan!

Pei Hong really enjoyed attending Tinkerlab lessons. Mdm Tan and Mr Allan always make the lessons so fun and engaging for the students. Really kudos to their great patience and passion for teaching. Heartfelt thanks for keeping Pei Hong’s passion for science always high and consistently scoring AL 1. Thank you very very much!

Peihong's mum
Parent ofTan Pei Hong
Nanyang Primary School
November 2021

Teachers are cool

Whenever we have any questions on science, we would be able to clarify our doubts with the teacher. The teacher would not give us short answers to our questions, but instead give us a detailed explanation and would make sure we understood the problem. The teachers there are very nice and patient with students who are struggling with their science. they also teach very good answering techniques on science open ended, which helped me a lot during my science examinations. They go through every single mistake that the students make and make sure that we do not have any doubts after we leave the classroom. The teachers there are very hardworking and cool.

Zach Koh
Parent ofNA
Nanyang Primary School
November 2021

Most engaging tuition

The lessons here are very engaging. I look forward to the lessons every week and would like to thank the effort put into every lesson by the teachers. Every lesson is full of fun and laughter which was one of the things that motivated me to carry on.

Thea Quah
Parent ofNA
Waterway Primary School
November 2021

Lessons are enjoyable

Mr Allan is very funny and has patience when teaching the kids. Tricia looks forward to classes every week

Phang Yen Fong
Parent ofTricia Lim
Xinmin Primary School
November 2021

lessons are fun and effective

I use to think that tuitions are boring lessons where we just do worksheets non-stop but since I joined Tinkerlab, I have seen that lessons can be fun but also effective at the same time!

Lok Si
Parent ofNA
Nan Chiau Primary School
November 2021

Funny teacher

Mr Allan is a funny teacher and he makes the lesson more fun and engaging.

Parent ofWarren
Rivervale Primary School
November 2021

Lessons are interesting

My child enjoys lessons with teacher Allan who is a humorous person. Practice worksheets are very structured. My child did very for science in PSLE having achieved AL1. I would recommend Tinkerlab to others!

Parent ofCalix
Maris Stella
November 2021

A caring and responsible teacher Allan

Warren Sng had attend teacher Allan math tutorial class . He had enjoy his lesson although he start only few weeks ago.

Teacher Allan is an responsible and caring teacher whom encouraged student to ask questions and would not hesitate to answer any questions patiently and with clarity.

In addition , he explain the answer in detail and simplify the process to make it easier for Warren to understand. Warren enjoy his teaching .

Parent ofWarren Sng
Rivervale primary school
December 2020