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Dear parent,

We understand your concern with regards to the recent suspension of Zoom by MOE.

On our part, we’re continuing with Zoom but have also changed a few measures in the pursuit as follows:

1) Password requirement for classroom has been implemented since last Saturday’s classes. Previously, we just issued classcodes without password.

2) Locking of classroom will be enabled when all participants are in. Please call us on phone if your child has accidentally left due to loss of Internet signals or disruptions from thunderstorm.

3) Chatting function has been disabled to prevent abuse from any unwanted guest.

3) Sharing of screen can only be done by teacher, so no unwanted guest can share any undesirable content on screen.

4) Prevention of annotation by participants, so scribblings cannot be carried out during teaching.

5) Locking of names, so we know exactly who the participants are. Any unfamiliar participants without video verification of identity will be removed.

6) Removal of participant if we learn that the name is unfamiliar and the identity verification through video cannot be carried out.

7) Disabling of video function only for unfamiliar participants. As we need to monitor student’s work progress and focus, we prefer to maintain the video function of all participants. This allows us to verify that your child is sitting through the whole session as well.

We hope that the new Zoom security upgrades have improved the situation and can prevent any further undesirable occurences. On your part, please do not reveal the classcode and password to anyone else as that may jeopardise the cyber safety of all of us.

Let’s hope that the lessons will be smooth and Covid-19 can be weeded out for good old days to return.

Meanwhile, please stay safe and healthy.

Best wishes,
Mr Allan & Mdm Tan

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