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Below is a list of what some parents have said about us:

“Mdm Tan has evaluated my child’s learning very accurately. Cassandra could work on her weakness and improved. Thank you.”

Mdm Grace, parent of Cassandra, St Nicholas'

“Felicia is shy and weak in Science. Mdm Tan was patient and thorough with Felicia. I’m happy that she scored A in Science.”

Ms Lynn, parent of Felicia, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)

“Mr Allan is humourous and uses creative ways to let my boy understand Science. There was little or no homework and he likes the experiments so far.”

Claudine, parent of Brandon, Ai Tong

“The online portal is helpful as it lets my boy practise his MCQ. The detailed answers are very useful. They show why he is wrong and how he should think for the questions.”

Mdm Lee, parent of Yu Xin, Mee Toh

“The lessons are funny and enjoyable. Yi Kang looks forward to the lesson every week.”

Mdm Doreen, parent of Yi Kang, Maris Stella

“Mr Allan answered our questions through WhatsApp before the exam. It was useful as some answers in the top school practice papers were wrong and we do not know whether we were correct. The quick responses were much appreciated.”

Mdm Audrey, parent of Jin Yi, Anchor Green Primary

“We could arrange make up lesson in the same week via WhatsApp and there’s no need to call. Tuition fees can be made online as well, so I don’t have to go down to pay.”

Mr Ng, parent of Jacob, Holy Innocents’

“When Mr Allan asked for Brian’s exam papers, I was skeptical. But the paper was returned the following week and notes were written for the wrong answers. There were even notes for Brian’s correct answers as there were some mistakes in his responses despite being marked correct in the exam papers.”

Mdm Esther, parent of Brian, Hougang Primary